Yep…that’s right. I’m going to shit on this whole Batkid thing. Well kind of. Look, really cool thing the city of San Francisco did for this dying kid. No doubt about it. My problem is that the media hypes human interest stories like this to make us feel good about giving the kid his last wish…why can’t this kind of outpouring of humanity be apart of everyday life? Why does it take tragedy to bring out the best in humanity? This is one kid we’re patting ourself on the back for…yet how many children are going to bed hungry and cold tonight? Where’s the news story on that? Or even the people who dedicate their lives to chariable organizations, not just one day…but everyday? The media blows it up, everyone talks about it and feels good…then we go back to our materialistic, decadent, “mememe” life and move on. We need a serious revolution of our minds and in turn evolve humanity past looking a life like a fucking Hallmark card. Shit is fucked and unless we start opening our hearts to helping our fellow human being everyday in some way, shape or form…we’re never going to evolve. There’s a world of BatKids out there who need our help, love and support…some are grown up and need help getting back on their feet. What did you do today to help humanity evolve? Think about it… #batkid #sanfrancisco #truth #humanity #socialengineering #mediahype #community #revolution #wakeup

i see these type of people at my job daily , funny thing is when you treat them like human beings…. they respond to you the same 

this is a page from the LBGT community with there opinion of what was said about gay people …. please read what he said… and then at the bottom you can see what was said by the leader of the group.

i dont see any judgement ; i see what is in the bible and i also see how he simply said we shouldnt judge people but that god who he stated was the one who would sort it all out ; referring to god as the one who could make any decision above what we could. 
this is not offensive , this is simply stating what the bible teaches and i support him fully. oh and by the way i as well as he are both humble human beings who mean nothing more then what we say. we simply try our best to do the best we can for others so we can live peacefully